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1999: Victoria Verlichak - Prólogo "A veces cruel, siempre creativa" (Sometimes cruel, always creative), Los Angeles , USA

Silvia Brewda’s paintings harbor intimacies and details. They also express some uneasiness, but let the viewer glimpse its confidence in the triumph of the human. The artist seeks new meanings in ancient notions without fear of showing her mistakes and regrets. There are structures, textures and a variation of tones in her compositions. Egyptian symbols, Phoenician graphics, some pieces of Greek architecture, Babel towers, archaic forms, sustain her investigation and shape her work, putting forward her knowledge of civilizations. A man keeps falling and animals lose their place. But by an act of faith, and in dialogue with other beings and elements of her paintings, that same man seems to rise. The recovery is not instantaneous but a balancing act is set in motion from the depths of history. These works, which explore the borders as much as the center, appeal to the spectator and invite him to gaze, not as to untangle impossible hieroglyphics or examine stories with endings, but to dwell in the mystery of existence.