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1996: Osvaldo Svanascini - "Aproximación a la Obra de S. Brewda", Argentina

In Silvia Brewda´s work, events take a certain distance. They become petrified to such a degree that they turn into icons that populate other times and epochs. Some artists tend to develop a chronicle of events that is, whether historic or contemporary, composed of or committed to a theme that may be real or inspired in imaginative signs. Their work might even speak of a simulacrum of cosmologies or of virtual narrations. In Brewda´s case, however, in her series of the ataduras or throughout her boxes, we can already find the breath of a metaphysical-surreal presence as its common denominator. These formulations are not guided by any predetermined history. An architectural plan, a column, a mammal, certain shapes that mimic dancers or figures from the world of cave painting, make no attempt to compose a coherent totality in themselves. Each appears to be exercising its own will and comes together with others by distorting its own timing, united solely by the power of recollection. Brewda handles a variety of techniques. She includes a touch of the archaic in the richness of her painted surfaces, transforming them into a kind of historical testimony in itself. Her use of monochromatic backgrounds helps to bind the elements she adds; the result is joined together in a convincing manner. The question of integration is resolved here by a predominating sense of refinement. Subjectively enhanced patinas appear to anticipate another era. These recent paintings of Silvia Brewda are capable of drawing us back into the marvels of childhood fairy tales, which for a moment catch us up in some distant corner of the subconscious. These are works that do not try to provoke us, nor do they wish to moralize. They might aspire to achieving a secret kind of relationship, beyond all clamor and prevision, like certain memories that linger on with the passing of the years. They are essentially spaces in which to dwell. As Apollinaire wrote: "Vienne la nuit sonne l´heure. Les jours s´en vont je demeure ".