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2010: Cecilia Iida - Geografías de la materia

Approaching her work from a very personal and intimate perspective, Silvia Brewda has undertaken different themes that are related in their core, an honest interest for mankind and the different cultural phenomena that reveal private and social dimensions. In her latest series there has been a transformation. What used to be biscuits and bread, in a sensorial and evocative proposal of the everyday and culinary world, now changes through a free, but conscious, aesthetic and experimental development. The artist gets immersed in matter, she examines textures inside bread creating provocative close-ups of crumbs and fragments, manipulating dough and flour particles, sprinkling, spreading, ripping and cooking in a constant game of construction and deconstruction. This research produces revealing images and a radical change in her work. Monochrome works in which abstraction and a strong synthesis creates new scenarios. In the intersection between cooking and geography, oat rainfalls, riverbeds of flour, steep falls of dough, sugar dunes and mountains of cookies are born. Landscapes and geologies written in different medias and techniques offer a delicate and sensitive aesthetic experience and a deep meditation about man, his environment and his culture.